Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

Ketan Susu

"Ketan Bubuk", sticky rice with coconut scraped
and soybean powder
Since Oktober 2011, I have been staying in Pare, little city in East java where many people from a lot of province in Indonesia come here for studying english language, intensively , that make Pare very famous as English Village. The most interesting hangout place that I found in Pare when I study english there is “Tansu”, which means place that sales keTAN Susu, hot sticky rice combined with coconut scraped and sweet milk. Although they also sale “ketan bubuk”, hot sticky rice combined with soy bean powder, Indomie, coffee and tea, the warung is more famous for its tansu.

The black coffee

I like to hang out there because  their sticky rice and black coffee  not only taste so delicious but also its so cheap. You can get one portion of tansu or ketan bubuk and a cup of black coffee only with IDR 2500. And the best reasons why you must come there if you come to pare is you can enjoy the mountains and rice field view while eat tansu because tansu located in the midle of rice field area.
The farmer's bikes

The rice field beside tansu

You can choose to enjoying your sticky rice inside the tansu warung or enjoying it at the pathway near ricefield. I prefer the last one because i can enjoy ricefield closer and talk with friends of mine more relax.

5 komentar:

  1. Sure, your english is improved.. :D

  2. cool.. i'd like to try those tansu.. do you have the recipe? :)

    1. the reciepe of tansu is simple vie, it just combines steamed sticky rice with coconut scraped and sweet milk, ayoo di coba di rumah

  3. Indonesian people have tradition that rich in flavor - of course when it comes to a special culinary recipe :).